It has been serious mayhem in the city! Nemo was finally found and he caused a huge storm leaving us 10 inches of snow causing many ladies to reassess their shoe situation and wardrobe. I know I definitely did, it’s slippery out there, hard knock life.

So the past four days have been absolutely marvelous darling and I have gotten to meet so many amazing and talented people in the industry as well as catch up with some really close friends. I will do individual posts later in the week but my schedule is crazy at ze moment so I am sharing with you a summary of the past four days via my instagram feed. Which if you aren’t already following me, I’m mad at it @amynicole134- do it now. I’m going to take you through each pic really quickly and then I will post outfit details and events later.

Ok so my first day I got to meet some of the people behind, really chill people from San Francisco and they featured me on their Instagram which I was not mad at. Then Nina Zadeh and I attended Nicholas K’s show which was amazing and full of gorgeous, luxurious cashmere pieces. (They also did a great job casting the models). Also Sergio Davila had a great collection as well.

The photo of me sitting on the seat is from when I visited Gypsy 05’s pop up showroom/event and I got the chance to meet the designers and talk with them about their new amazing Fall collection coming out this year. Lots of velvet’s and silks with gorgeous tie-dye prints.

Then Nina and I attended the Vanessa Bruno event where they had unlimited champagne and Lauderee, my favorite macaroons in the world. Lots of frenchies there, great outfits. And keep an eye out for Vanessa Bruno’s boots, I loved them.

Then lets skip ahead to Day 2 where I got to reunite with one of Annex Magazine’s writers Hannah Harris-a friend from when I lived in LA- at the Noon by Noor and Monika Chiang shows. And then inside the tents I also got to see the creator and editor of Kenton Magazine-Alexander Liang. Both amazing individuals. O and the Yigal Azrouel show was simply amazing. Gorgeous pieces. I went through the wrong entrance and they were about to start my hair and make-up and I said relax I’m not walking, here to watch the show. And then they made me walk around the building and through the blizzard-meanies.

Day 3-Nigel Barker and I became best friends. Depends what your definition of best friends is but I will just call us homies I suppose. Snapped this photo after the AMAZING Mara Hoffman show. I also got to see Christine from NYC Pretty (loved her hat!) and Claire from Fashion Bomb Daily (I need her sweatshirt). Right after the Mara show Nina and I raced down to the Highland presentation where I met the editor of Bullett Magazine as well as the editor of Bloginity. A very grunge scene, but I love the hipsters.

And finally Day 4 I got to catch up with Aimee Song’s (Song of Style’s) sister Dani at the Trina Turk and Custo Barcelona show who I had also met back in LA. She did my hair and make-up for the first Shop Sosie lookbook back in 2010. She is actually the one that taught me what blogging is. I love Dani’s style! That jacket is killer.

Then to end the action packed four days I went to sauna where I spent 30 minutes half naked with Colin Farrel. It was heaven. His voice make him even more dreamy. And then after my massage by my hot masseuse that I have a minor crush on I went to Mr. Chow and chowed down.

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