@idahariri and me being goofballs. (Outfit by Harare)

Choker by I Still Love You NYC

Photos by Zhi Wei

Last fashion week post and then we can move on with our lives – promise. Thank god I didn’t go to the European fashion weeks this season – way too much going on right now but I am definitely going in February and I am thinking of doing the whole circuit again – I’m due for some adventures and I miss my Italianos. I love London, Milan and Paris so much more anyways – the shows are on another level and the people are the coolest. Maybe it’s just because it is all still foreign to me but the thrill and adrenaline rush is like no other. Gahhhhh cannot wait.

This was one of my more chill and favorite days of FW- well I made it chill by skipping a bunch of shows to hang with my peeps and yes it was worth it. Friends over fashion anyway honestly. After doing the whole NY fashion week thing for a few years I’ve realized that it is quite pretentious and I now only go to the designers shows who I actually care about and have interest in – makes it so much more fun and I’m never disappointed by the collections. Feel me?

So I started the day by going to the Refinery 29 Country Club in Soho on Mercer Street. IT. WAS. SO. COOL. I made a hyperlapse and put it on my instagram (@amy_marietta) which by the way is the coolest app ever – definitely try it out.(Hyperlapse not Instagram – of course Instagram is the coolest app ever-duhhh). I have a serious love for Refinery 29 – they are the only subscription emails I actually read because they are just so witty, smart and informative -my favorites. As you can see in the photos above we were able to play miniature golf, eat pretty treats and be creative. Zhi, Kevin and I ran around making cool pics and videos – it felt like a mini Disneyland. Best fashion week vacay ever. (I’m such a kid, whatever.)

After we went to Mercer Kitchen and got some munchies – their french fries – perfection. Then we drove around the city and then went to the Novis presentation at Industria Studios which is so close to my apartment so naturally I am a huge fan. Industria and Milk Studios are my new favorite show locations to go to because they aren’t flooded with photographers and people trying to get into the tents like up at Lincoln Center. They are much more low-key and once the show or presentation is over you can hang in the area. But the new Novis collection was stunning and the presentation was really well done. Excited for this to be in stores and for the new collections as well:)


Β Inspiration of the day:

“When I was young I observed that nine out of ten things I did were failures, so I did ten times more work.”

–George Bernard Shaw

Song of the day: “Open Season” by Josef Salvat