Amy Marietta here. Today I was hanging out with Miss Alana Sue at her apartment in the Lower East Side, NYC. An inspiring and creative part of the city to say the least. Our talks always really inspire me to write more and more so now I bring to you another entry about the typical life in New York City.

I want to talk about the typical work day one encounters in the corporate fashion world. It never stops, there is always a handful of events going on and the networking is endless. After working for a handful of companies, it is safe to say I am the happiest I have ever been now. Working PR before taught me a lot about the industry, but working for Zaden Row is definitely a better fit. I just love the mission and everything the company stands for. It allows the whole world to “Shop Like A Local” in NYC. Eventually they will look to expand to other major cities but for now NYC is plenty. There is so much the city has to offer and the special boutiques are endless. The founder, Nina Zadeh, finds the creme de la creme designers and stores and collaborates with them. You can check them out here.

So I always must start the day with my Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts. Every morning. Can’t live without it honestly. When I lived in LA it was green tea every morning, but in this city I just cant. Then I take the train to go to work at Zaden Row and we always have various projects we are working on. As PR girl I get to go on store visits to meet the owners, write press releases, run all of the Social Media and I also get to model for them which is always fun.


I’m not going to lie, it is hard work but I love what I do so I feel fulfilled at the end of every day. (A little secret I want to share, everyone in the city does something on the side, mine is blogging, working for 10th Tribe, and a couple other things. It just never ends but I live for it). After I finish all of my work for the day (mind you I usually need about 2 more coffees or lattes to get me through the days) I take the train back home and start on my homework that is due. Then after homework is done I have to check my emails again and respond. My dad sends me my “quote of the day” everyday and it always has some inspiring word to go with it as well. I appreciate these emails so much, it’s hard being across the country from my family but I talk to them everyday which makes it easier. It really is important to talk to your parents everyday and know what they are up to. Especially when you don’t see them often. I talk to my grandparents every Sunday as well. I love hearing about everything they are all going through and working on. My grandparents are really inspirational people, but that is for another entry:) I am truly blessed to have such an amazing and supportive family and it really helps to have them there as my number one supporters. I cannot wait for them to see me in the city and to show them the life I live here. I want to convince my sisters to apply to college here as well so I can have some family in the city. When I moved here I literally had no one. Sounds scary, but you gotta do what you gotta do.


Anyways, I am going back to California Tuesday and I could not be more excited. Definitely going to see tons of family and old friends. My besties from high school are in Cali now and I am dying to see them! And I am also definitely having girl time with my old boss/other mother Marla Lee. She is the BEST and we have a really special mother daughter relationship. Really looking forward to it. And of course time with my sister from another mister, Jenna Todey. Most likely Chateau Marmont, shopping and other fun adventures in LALA Land. xoxo. I miss that Cali sun! Hopefully I come back bronzed from the sunshine state. 

xoxo Viviere Bella

Live beautifully