Bag by Danielle Nicole; Shoes by Avarcas

Okay so honestly this was my first time to the Museum of Natural History – highly recommend. I love museums like Kanye loves Kanye (a LOT) and this was definitely one of my favorites yet. So many fake animals everywhere – so much to read and learn. You get to walk through all the different cultures – some of my favorites being the Chinese and Japanese. I find their cultures so fascinating and their art is really interesting. When I went to teach English in China it was literally life changing and opened up my eyes to the rest of this beautiful world. They appreciate everything so much more than Americans and they have such different values instilled in them. The Chinese put more emphasis on respecting your elders, being honest and they truly love to learn. They are such a selfless and giving culture. I remember during lunch one day, one of the little girls in my class came up to me and offered me her food even though the teachers already had their own. It was the most thoughtful, adorable and selfless act and from such a young girl. (3rd grade). I didn’t want to ever leave. Plus who doesn’t love authentic Chinese food? I prefer most Asian food over any other cuisine so it was heaven for me.

Another interesting culture that I always love learning about is the Aztec culture. I love the architecture and statues – they definitely had a sense of humor. Some of their statues look like Mini-Me from Austin Powers, but seriously look below. Right?

Never stop exploring your city and other cities. There is so much to learn and soak in so take advantage of it and be proactive. You got this.

Inspiration of the day

“You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you.”

— Brian Tracy

Then there is the marine life section of the museum which made me all giddy like Disneyland does.

How cute is that nose?!

Told you! Mini-Me.

This tree is over 2000 years old. Mind blown – I know.

After the museum, Chelsea and I met up with my Australian mate, Ian, at the Top of the Rock. This was also my first time at the Top of the Rock- sadly. I have been here 3 years – what was I doing with my life? It was FAR better than the Empire State which is seriously a less appealing view and overall experience. So if you are visiting New York and cannot decide between the two – just go to Rockefeller- the area is cooler and the view is 100 times better.

Take a rose with you. I picked this one from my neighbors bush. #noshame

Sunglasses by Silvano 

Bag by Danielle Nicole

Sunnies from Local Supply.

 Meet the awesome Ian! We shot together a couple days before so you will be seeing how talented he is soon. He taught me a lot about Australian culture which really made me just want to move there. I mean plus they have the sexiest accents of anyone. I’m so keen.

So curious and adorable.

Stay until sunset. The lights really do inspire you. Promise.

Then we headed over to the Coach event on the Highline which was really fun and full of extremely good looking people- no seriously like insanely good looking. Anja Rubik, Eva Chen, Chloe Sevigny, Kate Russell, Chloe Moretz and June Ambrose were all there plus a plethora of random hot men in suits. But women run the world so who cares. I kid…

Special performance by De La Soul! I am so about that hip hop and rap life. #jamz

 Then we went to the after party at the Maritime Hotel and the after after party. Great time with great peeps.

I made them put on their shades for this one. Shades are always a good call for after after parties.