Dress: Lush

Sequined Blazer: Joie

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Purse: Chanel

Photos by Erik Dong

I want to introduce you to Ladyhawke’s song “My Delirium” if you aren’t already in love. Love me some indie music, helps me focus. (Simply because I’m not trying to rap the words and I can just hum along-which is much better than listening to me sing, trust). Watch the video I embeded below.

This outfit is really simple and chic. You can never go wrong with black, ever. I love the sequin blazer from Joie, I think it’s a great staple piece for everyones closet. Perfect for every body type and goes with pretty much every outfit. And I mean who doesn’t love vintage Chanel? It’s a classic that will never go out of style.

O yeah and guess what, it’s FASHION WEEK betches. Yes, starting tomorrow the shows are going to be non-stop. I have the craziest schedule for the next 7 days but I’m excited!


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