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 Fur Jacket: Vintage Yves Saint Laurent

Shorts: Club Monaco

Shoes: H&M

Jewelry: Urban Outfitters

Photos by Jon Macapodi

 Calm down PETA, it’s not mink, it’s only fox and rabbit. (And I said minx, not mink. Ok I’m not that funny but just go with it.). I found this vintage YSL jacket in New York. (Vintage fer dayzzz.) I know it’s sad that I wear animals, but chances are you probably wear leather which was a living creature as well. I justify wearing bunny with the fact that I myself, have two bunnies, and trust me they are spoiled with their bunny mansion.

During the Winter, fur is your best friend in New York. Coats are an everyday necessary that you can never have too many of on the East Coast, unless you live in Florida. These shorts are a perfect purchase as well because they are versatile enough to wear during every season. Pair them with some tights for the Fall and Winter then wear them alone when you go away on vacay or during Summer.

I’m thinking of starting a separate men’s blog or I may just do a couple posts here and there. What do you think?


Live beautifully

PS. How cool is this fire escape? One of my favorite parts about a building is the fire escape, adds character don’t cha think?