Romper: Motel Rocks

Booties: Jeffrey Campbell

Shades: Ray Ban

Bracelets: Alexander McQueen, Hermes, Urban Outfitters

Photos by Marissa Marietta (my really cool little sister)

I’m going to keep this short because the sunshine outside is really tempting and I am definitely going to make a run to Starbucks and then drive along the coast with my sisters. I leave back to New York in a couple days so I may as well soak up as much endorphins as possible before the New Year right? O yeah and meet Lily, my pup. I adopted her when I lived in California and now she stays here. And no matter what my mom says I’m her mama, not Auntie.

I love this romper from Motel Rocks.ย  This is one of my favorite colors and I also love the fit and cutouts. So easy and perfect to pack for vacations or quick getaways.

Ok I’m going back to to enjoy the California sunshine now. Peace and love brah.


Viviere Bella

Live beautifully