kas ny x amy marietta-5“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astonish ourselves.” – Thomas Edison

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Every time I am out socializing, networking, eating dinner, raging/popping bottles, whatever – the conversation of what I do for a living comes up. Every time. And I don’t mind it. However, it is pretty much the same conversation. Every. Single. Time. They ask what I do. I tell them I work in social media, marketing, I create content for brands and run my own website/brand and that I love it. Is it hard? Sure. It takes a lot to stay organized on all of my campaigns on top of my full time job at a major public company. Would I change a thing? Never. I love waking up every morning – what else is there to want in life? I’m happy and passionate about what I do. Genuinely.


Then I ask what they do and they always say “Well, my job isn’t as fun as your job but it pays well.” Maybe this is just because I’m going out to the wrong places but this is a very common answer I receive. I then awkwardly have to give them a pep talk and encourage them to do something they love to do which I know ultimately won’t change much but there is always a small chance right?

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Bracelets by Boho Betty, Sunnies by Tom Ford

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I love what I do. I love working. I love creating. I love meeting cool, inspiring humans. I love learning. I love my team at @dslabsglobal. I love life. (This is our lash pen BTW. How I got dem long, thick, flirtayyy lashes;)

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Are there times where I have meltdowns. Sure. Do I get over it quickly? Duh. Perspective is key. Attitude is everything. I still have a million more goals to reach but I am happy throughout the whole process because I know I can do anything. And the best part is that no one can take it away from me because my happiness isn’t based on one person – it’s based on living my passions.

Did I immediately figure out what I love to do? Hello no. This took years. Honestly, yes I did get lucky and figure it out pretty quickly but that is because I’m a big list maker and doer so I went through my temporary phases rather quickly while I was in college. To me – college was just a phase where I could buy time to figure out what my passion was and how I was going to make a living off of it. Hack the system if you will.

SO. Here are some steps that I hope can help you get started in the right direction if you are going through the “finding yourself” phase. (Which you should really embrace.)

1. Make a list of things you think you might like to do. Be honest with yourself on this. What keeps you up at night and constantly fascinates you? What kind of articles are you drawn to? How do you want to live the majority of your life? WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN.

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Like being able to work from anywhere and avoiding a dreadful 9-5 job. I could work from bed if I wanted to. BUT I love humans and collaborating. Most days.

2. Test them out and see if you are amazing at any of them. OR if you SERIOUSLY are in love with one of them and work really hard to become better at it.

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3. Do LOTS of research. Find someone in that industry who you look up to and see how they got there. Or if you don’t admire anyone in a specific industry – look to other entrepreneurs and see how they became successful. Read, read, read. Watch, watch, watch. Learn, learn, learn.

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4. SET CLEAR GOALS. You can’t accomplish anything if you don’t have any goals. Set immediate AND long term goals. And when you reach them #treatyoself.


“In the absence of clearly-defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia until ultimately we become enslaved by it.” — Robert Heinlein

5. NEVER give up and NEVER stop believing in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself – who will? You think I always had people believing in me? HELL NO. But those assholes are the reason I kept pushing harder to better myself. So thanks haters – I seriously love you.

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6. Travel a little bit. Or a lot. I went on a trip to my 2 homelands – Italy and Malta – alone last year – and it was the best experiences of my life. I know I’ve mentioned it before and I will mention it a hundred more times but I genuinely think you have to spend some alone time or “soul searching” if you will and figure out who you are.

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7. Be honest. I’ve learned that even if it’s hard at first – it’s better to be honest than live a lie. Some may call it being blunt – but I think you should just always be transparent. It’s much easier to live an honest life. Who has time to keep up with these fake appearances? Also be open minded and never judge others. It’s their life – let them live it.

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8. Don’t get frustrated with yourself. It may not come to you as soon as you want it to. BUT just keep trying and searching. I promise one day it will come and you will be like “YAHSSSSSSSS.”

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9. Then you actually have to FOCUS. This may mean saying no to some nights out with friends – get over it. You have to truly focus unless you don’t want it bad enough. Remember that the struggle is temporary.

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10. Find a mentor. Or 3. I would not be anything without my mentors. Fact. Surround yourself with people you look up to. Constant inspiration and guidance is key – especially in the beginning of your journey.

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11. Take care of yourself. Truth of the matter is that people are attracted to good looking people who seem to have their life together. Eat right, exercise, sleep a little (the hardest task) and dress well. It’s a shallow world – learn how to work with it. But also do this for yourself. If you look and feel great – your attitude and energy will be great and you will have more confidence. Trust.


12. Don’t let anything stop you. Be bulletproof. Successful people fail all the time. Keep going.

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13.  Lastly, don’t be a dick. That may have worked 10 years ago but it’s really not ok.Be a genuine human with truly good intentions. Stop trying to intimidate people. Be relateable. We’re all just humans – don’t act like you’re above anyone. Be confident, not an asshole. At the end of the day people tend to do business with people they like – so be likeable.

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I’ve seen so many of my friends pursue their passions. They quit their full time jobs to pursue photography, a start-up, travel, journal, blog, create etc. and guess what? The majority of them have all been successful. What is their definition of success? Making a living off of what they love to do. They pursued their passions and never looked back. Respect.

I wish you the best of luck and hope this inspired some of you to take action.

Ciao ciao.

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 “I don’t wait for moods. You accomplish nothing if you do that. Your mind must know it has got to get down to work.” — Pearl Buck