Shirt: H&M

Shorts: Forever 21

Bag: Elliott Lucca

Shoes: Union Bay

Jewelry: Custom, Henri Bendel, Vintage, Cartier, Lucky

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban‘s

PC: Dameon Greene

Hello my beauties! Thank God it’s Thursday, this week flew by pretty quickly and to be honest I haven’t gotten much sleep, as usual. But who does in the city that never sleeps? Fashion Week is coming up pretty quickly so it is mayhem in the fashion world and will be for the next month. Insanity. Events left and right. Milk Made is having an event tonight that the Zaden Row team and I are attending called “Dream and Drive with the Kills.” Gotta love events. I’ll give you the inside scoop lata.

So this outfit is pretty vibrant as far as the color scheme but also pretty simple. (Shot these by Penn Station in front of the ginormous Post Office, great location btws.) Sheer tops are crucial for this hot and humid weather we have been getting in NYC. Along with short shorts and sandals. As much as I love the Summer time I have to say I am pretty excited for Fall fashion. Anyways, until next time lovelies.

xoxo Viviere Bella

Live beautifully

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