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I take these flats everywhere with me!

Blazer and pants: Gentlefawn Shirt: LEEAM NYC Shoes: Cocorose London Bracelets: Kim & Zozi Bag: Gigi New York

All photos by Gabriele Infranca (@inanutshell)- follow him, he’s amazing!

During the craziness of Milan Fashion Week, I had the chance to explore one of the coolest places in town for contemporary art, called La Triennale Museum with the Disaronno team. As you can see the museum was very similar to the MOMA, full of modern art and bright colors. It was a great way to spend my last night in Milan. I love the Disaronno team…so much.
 Anyways after wandering around this awesome museum I later enjoyed a tasty DISARONNO SOUR cocktail with my Disaronno lovers. You can find the recipe here. I also personally  love Disaronno in coffee or mixed with apple juice but I recommend you just try them all:)
Also check out my first article on L’Officiel Italia!!! I could not be more excited to be working with this publication. Read my interview with 3 of the coolest street style photographers in the game- Craig Arend from Models Off Duty and The New York Times, Miray Petrini from Style Tao and Harper’s Bazaar and Michel Dumler from On Abbot Kinney. If you have any ideas or suggestions for future articles I would love to hear them!
Song of the day: “Chasing the Light” by The Same