Blazer: The Line & Dot

Pants: Sincerely Alc Boutique

Shirt: H&M

Bracelets: Alexander McQueen, Jem Bracelets, Hailmary Jewelry

Photos by Vlasta Pilot

I’ve been really busy moving into my new apartment this week which is REALLY exciting, new year, new beginnings, new clothes, new decor and new opportunities (if you make and take advantage of them). But even more exciting than decorating the apartment is that New York Fashion Week is coming up and then Paris Fashion Week and then my 21st birthday!!! (March 3rd if you really want to know, 3/3- kinda nice thanks mom and father, great timing with the honeymoon). I don’t usually tell people how young I am just because they feel as if maturity is based on a number. So I let them get to know me and if they happen to ask later on I tell them.

It has been an amazing journey and I have accomplished a lot over the past year (according to my black book-if you know me you get this-otherwise get to know me). Moving here was the best move I ever made even though I miss the California sunshine from time to time. Viviere Bella’s 1 year anniversary is coming up and I think it is the best project I have started and actually kept up with. I have got to meet amazing people in the industry and made so many new amazing friends. I remember my very first fashion show I attended last February was Dennis Baso and I had the chance to sit front row, front row to watch the model fall twice in front of my eyes… I wanted to help the poor girl, but more importantly help the beautiful silk gown she was wearing. (Ok I’m kidding). But it was the ultimate first experience of “Fashion Week” and I loved it.

ANYWAYS, lets take a peek at this outfit. I am obsessed with The Line & Dot, especially this blazer. The cut and fit is perfection and it goes with literally anything. So I paired it with this metallic collared H&M shirt (I love collars, I’m such a sophisticate…sarcasm). The snakeskin pants are also a new favorite addition to my closet, comfortable and chic-you can shop them here. You’re welcome. These photos were taken by my homegirl Vlasta Pilot, she is amazing!!!


Viviere Bella

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