Photos by Vlasta Pilot

Cargo on cargo on cargo, aka cargo cubed. I am really into army green lately as you can tell. I think it is a great Fall color to mix up your everyday outfits and helps you stray away from black. I love black, but spice up ya life.

New York Fashion Week is next week so I’ve been pretty busy lately visiting showrooms and collections which I will share soon with you. (And shopping, I’ve been doing a LOT of shopping, shame on me). I am really excited to see the new collections and everyone’s outfits. In fact I think maybe I’m more excited to see people’s outfits rather than the collections. Bottom line I love clothes.

Paris is confirmed! For Fashion Week which happens to land on my 21st birthday. Now I just need you guys to suggest places to go and things to see. Obviously the Eiffel Tower but I want to know the underground cool spots. I have an obsession with making itineraries and planning so I want to have it planned ASAP. Email me ideas or comment below. Thank you!

PS. Just a little side note…I’m learning how to speak Italian right now, just to make Viviere Bella that much more authentic. Get excited.


Viviere Bella

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