Prepping for the races, gotta have the right music at all times.

This past Friday and Saturday, the Breeder’s Cup took place in Santa Anita California but we watched the races here in NYC, and we had a ball. Jockey glasses, horse posters, Breeder’s Cup cozies and all. I love an excuse to stay in with close friends and have a chill day watching the races, playing Cards Against Humanity and various drinking games. We’re young, it’s fun. As you know this past Summer I was invited to the races at Monmouth Park by the America’s Best Horse Racing Social Brand Ambassador team where I ended up making some amazing friends who I still keep in contact with, miss you peeps! You can read about that amazing adventure here, and yes it was pretty glam and I am a huge fan of the whole experience. If we are close, you know that I have had a serious obsession with horses since I was little and may still have the entire Breyers collection hidden in my closet at my parents house…I cannot and will not part with them. Most little girls had Barbies but I only liked the animals that came with Barbie. (The idea of dressing up a doll still confuses me…kind of weird to think about right?) But my point is that horses have always been one of my favorite species.

Anyways as you can see I snapped random photos throughout the day because that is what you do when you start drinking Disaronno before the races begin, it just makes sense. Clearly we polished off those bottles but do not worry we kept it healthy and mixed it with apple juice-my new favorite concoction. Don’t knock it before you try it, and definitely don’t use some cheap generic brand like Mott’s. Get the good organic stuff from Whole Foods. You cannot mix Disaronno with anything cheap, duh.

So for the Classic race, Mucho Macho Man was the winner and was ridden by Gary Stevens, a 50 year old man-now that is impressive. (Oh yeah, a great thing about horse races- you will hear the most entertaining names).  You can view all of the other winners of the races here.

And can we talk about this amazing hat for a second….I know…Okay done.