Polaroids and Tom modeling. Always a classic.

Ze models and I being goofy. My normal.

The photographer and I. He is Parisian. And amazing. Killed it.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I was able to be a fly on the wall at the Paul Stuart catalog shoot at Le Colonial uptown. The clothes were obviously amazing, the interior decor was beautifully ornate and yes the models were stunning.Β Hubba hubba…

Everyone at Paul Stuart is always so welcoming and friendly, it always feels like I am reuniting with family. Tom, Mona, Mark, Paolo and Yeidry are all amazing individuals over at Paul Stuart, love you guys. They do such an amazing job with producing top quality everything as well. From clothing to campaigns, Paul Stuart is flawless.

Inspiration for the day:

“Experience tells you what to do; confidence allows you to do it.”

— Stan Smith

Have an amazing week and be productive!