Shirt: Lanston

Bra: See You Monday

Jacket: Smythe

Sunglasses: Quay Eyeware

Pants and shoes: Boohoo 

Photos by Neave Bozorgi

I know these photos are a little more “artsy”  (aka bad ass) than my usual and I do have a cigarette in my mouth but it was for the sake of fashion and art, duh. (Tumblr bitches love cigs…and I love Tumblr).

This airy Summer tank by Lanston is one of my favorites because it is so lightweight AND it’s my favorite color. I like to tie it up or tuck it in, looks good either way. Neave and I shot these in Los Angeles on a roof but the outfit is very Miami Beach inspired with all the white I have going on here. I also mixed in some gold accents which I LOVE. Gold literally never looks bad.

And as far as what I have been up to the past couple days… I had meetings with Paul Stuart, Bollare, Global Grind and Lucky Brand and then attended an event for Nadia Tarr. I haven’t slept much but I love it. Oh and I booked my ticket back to LA for about a week and a half…that is what I am most excited for. I was desperate to escape this heat for a minute, feel me?


Viviere Bella

Song of the day-“I Need A Vacation” by Young Jeezy

I feel like we can all relate to this song right now, especially if you are in NYC trying to survive this smothering, humid, hell hole weather.