Scarf: Alpha Gypsy : Jacket: Dynamite Style; Shades: Tom Ford; Bracelets: Kim & Zozi; Necklace: Chan Luu; Blue ring: Karen London Jewelry

Photos by Ryan Williams

So I have been insanely busy lately between blog stuff, social media, writing, finals and the most time consuming-apartment searching. Thankfully the weather has been beautiful because I cannot imagine going through this process in the dead of Winter…I already had a couple of melt downs but if I find the perfect apartment soon it’ll all be worth it. In the midst of those meltdowns I booked a ticket to California so see you soon Sunshine State and friends! I was desperate for some Vitamin D and fam/best friend time. You can’t blame me.

But let’s take a minute to appreciate this beautiful view of NYC in the photos above. As much as I curse at the city sometimes for being insane, at the end of the day I love New York. It is the city of opportunity and dreams and if you work hard you will achieve those dreams if you are passionate about what you do. I’m not saying I love it so much I plan on staying here forever, I think we are meant to move and experience new places but for the meantime I will continue to make the most of it.

So of course, the outfit. I love this crimson red scarf by Alpha Gypsy above. Scarves are my favorite accessory, I wear them pretty much every single day. They just really spice up an outfit and more importantly they keep you nice and toasty. In New York the goal is chic AND comfortable. No pressure.

Inspiration of the day:

“We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.”

— Jesse Owens

Song of the day: “#88” by Lo-Fang