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11 Apr

The New Classics: Clearweather

clearweather shoes girls
Finding a new and unique shoe brand that actually has shoes designed for style AND comfort is rare. Clearweather, however, is a new brand to the market growing exponentially fast for good reason. Clearweather shoes are high quality, unique, comfortable, and affordable. Clearweather shoes are your new classics.   I wanted to take photos of these shoes around Fairfax because they also have shoes designed specifically for skateboarding and they are definitely contributing to the street culture. Read more about their story here. Joe is wearing the Orcas and I'm wearing the Convx. ...
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19 Mar

5 New Artists You Need To Know

  Music has the power to bring people together, create a powerful ambiance and an elevated sense of intimacy. Here are 5 of my new favorite artists who are extremely talented. SYPH Atlanta may have a lot of rising stars but so does Toronto which is where SYPH is from. My favorite song by him is "The Bag" featuring Tracy T and produced by Joe Hodges and Prologic. Stay tuned for his new music coming out with Meek Mill, Tory Lanez and Zoey Dollaz.  Mr. Probz A Dutch artist from the Dutch Antilles - signed to Sony Music. His first big hit was "Waves" and he just came out with a new fire song - "Till You're Loved." 6LACK Pronounced "black" is another amazing artist hailing from...
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20 Feb

Man Muse Monday: An Interview With Music Producer Joe Hodges

clearweather x joe hodges
JOE HODGES  Today, "The Bag" by Syph debuted the music video and Joe co-produced the song so I thought it was the appropriate time to release the interview as well. "The Bag" was on the show Atlanta and is one of my favorites.  Watch it here and read on below for the interview and A.M. CLUB x JOE HODGES exclusive photos.  @JOE_HODGES  Authentic, hard working, focused, talented, confident, kind hearted, loyal, passionate, a beautiful soul; there are not enough words to describe this man. Joe Hodges is THE best music producer I know - the music he creates is the most powerful and makes you feel so many emotions. Born and raised in Detroit and now residing in Los Angeles - three blocks away from me...
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