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George Meets Jan Design By Artist Michael Crampton For A.M. Club Tag

20 Aug

“George Meets Jan” A.M. Club Design By Artist Michael Crampton

My Grandpa George and Grandma Jan are my heroes. They have always been there for me and urged me to follow my dreams, reassuring me that I can do anything I set my mind to. Grandpa George started a rehab center over 30 years ago, changing hundreds of thousands people's lives. His hard work, dedication and compassion are qualities that will be instilled in me forever.Β He has always had a serious passion for classic cars, and Grandma always looked so chic in them - so I wanted to createΒ a design including some of my favorites from his classic car collection to create a Gatsby-esque design - a true classic. This design "George Meets Jan" was inspired by my grandparents and their...
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