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27 Apr

Chicago Diaries

But first, lemme take a museum #selfie. Me, being a ham. Meet Danielle, the middle child. She's my other favorite. Boobies. The Bean! Or Cloud Gate Park. Meet my daddio. The man behind the inspirational quotes. And the reason my expectations for men are so high.   Shirt: Brian Lichtenberg; Scarf: Johnny Was; Shoes: Ocean Minded; Bracelet: Charmed Circle; Bag: George Gina & Lucy I decided to slowly start introducing you to my family. Why? Because they are flipping awesome and I don’t know what I would do without them. Family is really the only constant we ever have until we're married and have our own little family. (God I sound so Italian.) And plus it’s my blog and I’ll write about what I want to… Last week...
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15 Sep

What I Wore to NYFW Day 2

      Bodysuit and skirt: Premonition Designs Cape: White Suede Shoes: Carolinna Espinosa Necklace: Charmed Circle Sunnies: Shauns  Photos by NYC Pretty's (Christine Bibbo Herr) hubby Who ever said you cannot wear white after labor day was a bit ridiculous, lets not go cutting colors out of our closet so quickly. Rules are made to be broken anyways and white was EVERYWHERE around the tents at Lincoln Center. Day two  of NYFW included the Rebecca Minkoff show, Zimmerman, Nautica and Noon by Noor. And as you can see it was basically like back to school week in the sense that you are reunited with your old friends and introduced to new ones. I love being able to catch up with everyone who I cannot see on a regularly...
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