Photos by Marissa Marietta

First day in San Francisco! I’ve concluded that SF is a mixture of LA and NY due to the weather, pace and people. If I could teleport (I have a big imagination, I know) I would wake up in LA to tan, relax and shop then at around 2 PM I would hang in San Francisco, maybe run the Golden Gate Bridge and then teleport to New York to have dinner and party all night. I’m in love with each city for different reasons, can you blame me? Then again I tend to love something about every place I travel to, it’s excessive.

Anyways the first day we went to Union Square, the Ferry Building/Market and then the Embarcadero Fountain. Union Square is surrounded by some of the best shopping and restaurants, reminded me a lot of New York. The Ferry Building is like no other, perfect place to have lunch or dinner with a ton of organic places(my jam). And this huge fountain by the Ferry Building was honestly really fun to look at. I give props to whoever designed it because I was definitely intrigued.

These pants from with the leopards on them are great for traveling, lunch dates, sight seeing and pretty much everything. They are perfectly lightweight for that cool breeze during Summer time in the bay area. I paired this shirt, which is one of my favorite shades of blue, and this amazing Krisa jacket to finish off the look. As you can see I am really into hats lately, who isn’t? It completes any look. Until next time.


Viviere Bella

“Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons