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12 Mar

Paris Is Burning

Scarf: Hermes

Sunglasses and set of two rings: Tnemnroda

Shirt: Maurie & Eve

Pants: White Suede

Bag: Celine

Bracelet and Ram ring: Jenny Bird

 My last day in Paris I packed in as many activities as possible. We started by going to the Luxembourg Gardens in the morning which was extremely peaceful and a great getaway from the hustle and bustle in the city. I would definitely go here again when visiting Paris just to decompress and enjoy some quiet sunshine. The area is full of lovers, friends, families and puppies wandering around the magnificient garden and amazing architecture. Pure bliss.

After enjoying a little nature we headed over to the Yudashkin show at the Westin Hotel which was absolutely stunning. From the models to the hair to the music selection to the actual designs-the show was extremely glamourous. The dresses are definitely for more petite bodies, but they looked amazing on the models. (Duh). However, the coats and hand warmers are perfect for anybody- composed of rich furs and materials. We sat second row right in the front which was a huge plus because I was able to capture better photos of the designs and see the fabrics and details better. After all it is the details that count, and Yudashkin paid great attention to detail. I loved this collection.

Once the show was over we headed to the famous Louvre museum. There wasn’t enough time to go inside but I walked around and got a feel for it. This museum is so massive you need to spend a whole day exploring the different pieces of art. Beautiful area and TONS of tourists.

My last request was some French ice cream on the way to the airport. So Magid showed us the famous ice cream in France-Berthillon Ice Cream. Can I start by saying they don’t give testers?!! How am I supposed to know which one I want when I already have trouble reading the names? The French really do hate Americans, they don’t even want us to be happy with our ice cream selection. Ain’t nobody got time for bad ice cream.


Viviere Bella

Live beautifully

Enjoy this song by Ladyhawke- Paris Is Burning

I though it was appropriate.

Amy Marietta
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