Stacey Kiebler, George Clooney’s lover, tries on engagement rings. Hint hint Georgie. If you want it, then you should put a ring on it.

Kim Kardashian makes an appearance as usual.

David, Jacob and Benjamin aka Jacob and two of his sons

Jacob and his beautiful wife Angela

Jacob, Benjamin and I

View of the store

Benjamin, Joey my love and I. VIP section.

Joey Arabov, Benjamin Arabov and Victor, Jacob’s assistant. One of the nicest guys I have ever met in my life.

The goods.

My boss Nina Zadeh and I

Bling blinggg

Jacob & Co celebrated the launch of their new Palladium collection and welcomed a bevvy of guests to their store on 57th Street, including Stacy Keibler and Kim Kardashian. At the event, co-hosted by W Magazine jewelry and accessories director Claudia Mata, Keibler looked happy and carefree in a stunning white Marchesa mini dress. Most likely because she was trying on some nice sized rocks(engagement rings) for her beau, George Clooney to get the hint. It is really time he puts a ring on it. That hot DILF is getting older by the minute and should really consider making some beautiful babies with Stacey because the genes really can’t go wrong. Stacey is literally stunning and well of course we all know Clooney is Clooney, dreamy to the max.

Anyways, the incredible new collection created in collaboration with the Palladium Alliance International is now in stores at Jacob & Co.


Viviere Bella

Live beautifully

PS. How adorbs is Joey? Love him so much, freshest kid in the game thanks to his flawless and stylish mother Angela Arabov. Love you Joey!