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15 Jun

A Sneak Peek Into The Unreleased #CASHCARD By Square Cash




#CASHCARD is the newest and most revolutionary card, and this is why…


1.  It’s the newest and most rare card out there. Very few have been able to get their hands on this card making it the most elusive and exclusive. 

2. You can customize your card by writing your signature on the bottom right corner through the app. I went ahead and wrote “Treat Yo $elf” on mine rather than my signature because I like the daily reminder:)




3. Aesthetically speaking, the card is black with your signature in silver – making it the sleekest card out there besides a black Titanium Amex. But those things are too heavy anyways. 

4. It is extremely convenient and actually instant, unlike other payment transfer apps such as PayPal or Venmo. If someone sends you money through the Square Cash App, you see the money in your bank account instantly. No fees. No BS. No accepting payments. Instant transfers. 

5. It isn’t a debit card, but rather a prepaid card that is linked to your Square Cash account and can be used anywhere that accepts Visa. The way it works is that rather than pulling from your bank account, the card pulls from whatever balance you keep in the app. And the app is connected to your bank account so you can transfer in money as well. 

So say a friend transferred you money via Square Cash. You receive the full amount instantly and can spend it by using your physical #CashCard. It’s 2017 and nobody should have to wait 1-3 days for a transfer.




I personally had a really bad experience with Venmo two years ago at Coachella where my friend was selling an extra VIP ticket. She sold the ticket to a random and they paid me via Venmo for it because she wasn’t from the US and didn’t have an account or something. Idk. Long story. But because Venmo takes 1-3 days for transfers, the transfer ended up being a fraud which we found out a day later so this guy got a VIP ticket for free and then probably resold it. And of course Venmo said it wasn’t their problem… Although it wasn’t even my money, that was a major buzzkill and I swore to never use that app again.

Then I discovered Square Cash and I’ve never had a problem because there could never be a problem. The instant bank to bank transfer is what makes it the most legit and efficient.




In case you haven’t downloaded the app yet, you can do so here. 

And here are some photos of me planning my trip next month to the Caribbean, with my “Treat Yo $elf” card close by. What are you going to write on your #CASHCARD? Comment below:)



30 May

The Perfect Staycation: Miami Edition

a.m. club silk flamingo top


at the Shelborne South Beach Hotel.

I think no matter where you live, one can always use a staycation to reset. Whether you’d like a creative, physical, or mind reset – staycations are key. Living in Miami is truly like living in paradise – it feels like a permanent vacation. However, I find that sometimes I can get creative block or crave some latin culture and music in my life to spice things up. 

After spending a month at the condo in Brickell, Joey and I decided to have our own little staycation before heading to our family events, so we checked into the Shelborne South Beach Hotel. It was the perfect couple days full of adventures, tropical vibes, and obviously room service.  

Read on below for photos and tips on spending the perfect staycation in Miami. Happy travels:)

Miami Montage is a video Joey and I made for A.M. Club with the help of Marissa Marietta. Comment below and let me know what you think.

For more you can go to our website – AMCLUB.CO

Enjoy the amazing cuisine, shop, and always order room service.

Miami is hands down the best in the US when it comes to hospitality, so definitely explore all the beautiful restaurants, hotels, and cafes that you haven’t seen before. And when it’s early in the morning and you just feel like reading on the balcony, pick up the phone and order room service. For shopping – KITH is always fresh and has everything you need from clothes and accessories to chic books and candles. I also love The Webster for their creative curation and cozy decor.

shelborne miami exterior miami staycation top hotel poolmiami staycation top hotels 

miami staycation top hotels

Jump in the ocean.

There is no beach better than South Beach in the US. Perfect temperature, perfectly clear, just perfect.

shelborne miami viewmarquis energy drink miami


Enjoy the view and take photos.

Miami gets the best sunsets AND sunrises. The sunset on South Beach is truly magical. Pink and blue hues fill the sky while you enjoy the beach to yourself as the faint live tropical jazz plays off in the distance.

IMG_5060IMG_5059shelborne miami

a.m. club silk flamingo top

Wear and shop A.M. CLUB silk scarves.

Available at MVM Miami and Brothers Brawlers – my two favorite stores in Wynwood:)
a.m. club silk flamingo topsunset miami

miami sunset

Explore the beautiful art deco architecture.

Every corner is brimming with unique decor at the Shelborne. I fell in LOVE with the velvet sofas and gold detailing everywhere. 

miami staycation top hotelsmiami staycation top hotelsmiami staycation top hotelsIMG_5070

shelborne miami sunrise

This is the sunrise from our balcony at around 6:45 A.M. If you’re going to go on a staycation in Miami, you have to get a ocean view room with a balcony. These moments are priceless.

24 May

How To Wear A Silk Scarf Pool and Beach Side (Laguna Beach)

laguna beach red one piece bikini

It’s basically Summer, especially in LA, so I wanted to show some looks on how you can style your silk scarves pool and beach side to add some uniqueness to your look. 

I’ve been a little less active on social media lately due to the fact that I’ve been working on creating more videos, designs, and campaigns that will be debuting shortly. Cannot wait to share with you!

You can stay tuned for daily updates on my Instagram @amy_marietta and @A.M.CLUB.

Shop here.

mirror on the beach

laguna beach red one piece bikini

laguna beach red one piece bikinilaguna beach red one piece x a.m. club silklaguna beach a.m. club silk scarveslaguna beach red one piece bikinilaguna beach red one piece bikinilaguna beach pool a.m. club silk scarveslaguna beach pool a.m. club silk scarveslaguna beach pool a.m. club silk scarveslaguna beach pool a.m. club silk scarves

14 Mar

How To Spruce Up Your Walls

inkifi instagram collage
       Bare walls are a perfect canvas for showcasing art in all forms from tapestry to prints. We all have faced the sight of a plain, beige wall in our houses that yearns for a pop of color to define our spaces. Personalization is key to create a perfect backdrop to add that homey vibe we all love. Embrace the creative spaces of blank canvases that hold a multitude of design opportunities for your space.              Here are three of my favorite ways to bring some personality to my creative spaces. SHOP HERE 1.) Conventional Meets Transitional: Scarves (A.M. CLUB) One of the most transitional pieces in fashion can be used to dress up your bare walls. From bold, graphic scarves ready...
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12 Mar

My A.M. x CaseApp Laptop and Phone Cases













The highly anticipated CaseApp x A.M. CLUB Flamingo phone and laptop cases are now available here!

My line, A.M. Club, partnered with CaseApp – the #1 custom products website out there. They provide unique, luxury designs and also allows you to customize your own cases. CaseApp pushes their creativity and inspires hundreds of thousands worldwide, allowing individuals to express themselves through their custom design and unique cases. We chose the Flamingo design for this partnership because it is not only one of our best sellers, but also one of the most unique designs. If you’d like any other prints please contact us by emailing and we will do our best:) 

Now you can shop our exclusive Flamingo design by clicking here.

And for more follow them on Instagram: @caseapp

And us, too. <3