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Category: Lifestyle

15 Apr

6 Ways To Overcome Creative Block

how to overcome creative block
This one is for the creatives out there. Hi, you are loved and appreciated. :) Each and every single creative hits creative blocks. You may feel a lack of inspiration or ideas which can be one of the most frustrating feelings in the world.  Don't be discouraged. This is part of the growing process. Embrace the interlude. Creativity is something that comes in waves.  Ideas and creativity can consume you when you least expect it, however, it is a muscle that needs constant stretching. Here are 6 ways to help you if you are feeling a creative block:   Change the scenery.  If you spend a lot of time in one place, it's hard to be inspired to do something outside the box. Get out. Go somewhere you haven't...
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14 Apr

Turn Creativity Into Cash

navy leather celine tote
Photos by @Naptography Most of us, I'd say, want to live our life doing what we are passionate about. We want to figure out how to turn our passion into profit. Our creativity into cash. Few people will tell you it's easy, but many will tell you it is worth it.  I am writing this post to tell you it is 1000% worth it.  I look back on the first days when I started blogging, taking photos, styling, writing, putting my creative work out there, etc., and a lot of my content was very different from what I produce today. I love to reflect and see how much I've developed and (once in a while) give myself a little credit when I'm feeling creative block...
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24 Feb

How To Edit Your Photos On The Go Like A Pro

picsart x planoly
Establishing your Instagram aesthetic is no doubt a challenge, but very important if you are trying to grow your account and create a business out of your Instagram. When one first clicks on a new profile, what they immediately see is an overall feed - so if this is visually appealing and interesting, people are more likely to follow. As a brand, it is crucial to show who you are and what your brand's "vibe" is.  Not only is the overall aesthetic crucial, but each photo that you post. Our favorite phone editing app is PicsArt and we've been using it since the beginning. PicsArt is great because of all the features it offers.  Whether you are doing this as a career...
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18 Nov

Brunch With Baccarat & Geary’s

baccarat vase gearys
Last week I had brunch with Baccarat x Geary's at Via Alloro in Beverly Hills and it was a content creator's dream. The flowers, the crystal vases, the food presentation and the president of Baccarat who is the chillest/coolest/most real - all exquisite. I've been enamored with Baccarat since the day I walked around Paris and learned that the lamps lining the streets were Baccarat crystal. Shortly after that trip I went to the grand opening of the Baccarat Hotel in New York for Paris Hilton's perfume launch and felt as if I were in a dream. Baccarat is legendary and so is Geary's in Beverly Hills so make sure to stop by for your holiday shopping. <3 'Tis the season!  ...
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7 Aug

What To Wear To The Movies (AKA Ben-Hur)

I recently went on a date to the iPic Theater in LA which inspired me to do a post on what to wear to the movies. Sooo here are two casual outfits for ya because I know the struggle of picking out something not too dressy yet not too casual. ALSO - in case you haven't seen every billboard and bus in LA advertising Ben-Hur, I'm letting you know that you HAVE TO see it August 19th. You may remember I went on set in Rome with my best friend/sister Brittany Levin-Clarke last March for a couple weeks. Her dad, Keith Clarke, wrote the script and her mom, Joni Levin, co-produced it. They are major power couple goals. So proud Joni and...
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