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17 Jan

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Stunnaaaaa. You rock them Warby Parkers. 

Monkey attack…

Pick pocketing me. #thuglife

Top by Lovers and Friends Shorts by Brandy Melville Bracelets by Vidakush and Energy Muse Bag by Miss Mochila Shades by Quay Eyeware

Guess what is in his mouth. Just guess…

Ganga. No lie. He said it calms her. And her name is Samara. As in Samara from the ring. Do you think they ever played that movie in Barbados? I hope not. Otherwise that is slightly disturbing.

He was one of the coolest people we met there. Mostly because he had a monkey. And he was supa dupa chill. And his dreads, can’t forget the dreads.

Fish balls are really popular here. Ryan said they were eh.

I ordered some type of curry wrap. Curry seemed to be everywhere here. Not mad at it. Spice up your life.

Their choice of artwork is interesting…but hey I remembered it and always will so great job Priva. Bravo.


Priva…Priva I will always remember. Such a different experience of nightlife but so innocent and fun. A nice change from New York, LA and Miami. I love being able to go outside and enjoy the warm air and dance away the night. Literally not caring about a thing in the word. Feeling so young and free and inspired. It was perfect. When you learn to let go and not care about anyone’s judgments life is so much more awesome and you learn to be more creative and try new things. Oh what a night. Love love love. Let go and love.


Song of the day: Rihanna: “Phresh Off the Runway”

This will always be one of my get pumped songs. Such a sassy and sexy song. Love you Riri.

Amy Marietta
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