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Author: Amy Marietta

3 Aug

Back In Your Head

Dress: Goddess of Babylon Shoes: Patricia Pratt Love this super bohemian maxi dress for vacation and Summer time. Easiest piece to throw on for shopping, the beach or dinner. Pretty versatile if you ask me. So I'm going to Glen Cove this weekend to relax on the beach and get a little bit of a tan and then I come back Sunday to shoot a video lookbook for Zaden Row. Should be pretty fun (I mean we're shooting with some male models how bad can it be?) and pretty relaxing as well. Hopefully I can finish reading 50 Shades of Grey by Saturday evening, it is pretty addicting I'm not going to lie. Not written particularly well, but the story line is pretty intriguing. Kind of suggest you read it. Oh...
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31 Jul

Head In the Clouds

Dress: Talulah PC: Alexis Bynum Food for thought: "People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity." -- Andrew Carnegie My dad emailed me this quote a while ago and I decided I would share it with you. It's simple but 100% true. The unmotivated people are the ones who get complacent and start living a routine life with no passionate goals and aspirations which yes does float some people's boat. However, personally, I am a really free spirited person and I could never strive to be mediocre and comfortable until I reach every single one of my goals. I know what I want and won't settle for anything less. So moral of the story- get motivated, dream big and it...
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24 Jul

Sparkles In My Veins

Shirt: Vintage Shorts: Vintage Shoes: Vince Camuto PC: Neave Bozorgi Styled by Jessica Ozette Ayyyy what's good lovelies? Hope everyone is enjoying the summertime shine. New York has been way too bi-polar the past couple weeks with this weather but I'll take it I guess. Don't really have an option. Been really busy and on the grind lately (as usual) and have some cool things ahead. Fashion week is creeping up so starting to prepare for all that jazz at work. It's going to be a good one, just wait;) Lots of suprises in store. So about the outfit, basically I just really appreciate some amazing vintage and some sparkle. Im obsessed with these shorts, don't think I will ever let them go. They are pretty bold but...
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18 Jul

Viviere Bella has been featured in in Top Tips from Fashion Blogger

I cannot get over what a small world it is! I actually know both Rachel and Jinna and I didn't know they were going to be in this article until today, both amazing bloggers and girls. I previously worked with Rachel and had her come in to pull from the last PR showroom I used to work for and now I currently work with Jinna at the same online e-commerce website, Zaden Row(which I am in love with).  I remember when I moved to New York and didn't have a blog yet and I loved and admired each of their blogs. Feel so blessed to be in the same article as you guys. Anyways here is the article and you can check...
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