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Author: Amy Marietta

24 Feb

How To Edit Your Photos On The Go Like A Pro

picsart x planoly
Establishing your Instagram aesthetic is no doubt a challenge, but very important if you are trying to grow your account and create a business out of your Instagram. When one first clicks on a new profile, what they immediately see is an overall feed - so if this is visually appealing and interesting, people are more likely to follow. As a brand, it is crucial to show who you are and what your brand's "vibe" is.  Not only is the overall aesthetic crucial, but each photo that you post. Our favorite phone editing app is PicsArt and we've been using it since the beginning. PicsArt is great because of all the features it offers.  Whether you are doing this as a career...
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22 Feb

What I’ve Learned From Running My Own Business This Past Year

It's officially been a year of starting and running my own business - A.M. CLUB - and it has not been all champagne showers and bundles of flowers, BUT it has been the most fulfilling and best year of my life for sure.  I now feel very grounded with where my business is at, and have a clear vision of where I intend to go. Today, I want to go over the past year and share with you all a few helpful lessons I've learned as a business owner and entrepreneur.      11 THINGS I’VE LEARNED FROM RUNNING MY OWN BUSINESS    IT COMES WITH EXTREME HIGHS AND LOWS As the founder of a business, the connection you feel to it's successes and failures is far...
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20 Feb

Man Muse Monday: An Interview With Music Producer Joe Hodges

clearweather x joe hodges
JOE HODGES  Today, "The Bag" by Syph debuted the music video and Joe co-produced the song so I thought it was the appropriate time to release the interview as well. "The Bag" was on the show Atlanta and is one of my favorites.  Watch it here and read on below for the interview and A.M. CLUB x JOE HODGES exclusive photos.  @JOE_HODGES  Authentic, hard working, focused, talented, confident, kind hearted, loyal, passionate, a beautiful soul; there are not enough words to describe this man. Joe Hodges is THE best music producer I know - the music he creates is the most powerful and makes you feel so many emotions. Born and raised in Detroit and now residing in Los Angeles - three blocks away from me...
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14 Feb

3 Platforms Creatives Can Find Community

bukunmi grace
Outfit 1: Top: The Eight Senses / Pants: Metisu / Shoes: Mara & Mine / Scarf: A.M. Club Outfit 2: Scarf: A.M Club   I like to surround myself with creative people. Creatives love life in such a contagious way that can't often be put into words. It's a lifestyle.   Creatives inspire creatives in the way they live their life, the work they create, the way they create, and through their energy.  Some may find it difficult to find other creatives that they can bounce ideas off of, collaborate with on projects, and grow with as a creative soul - which is why I wanted to write this post.   One of my strong suits is definitely networking -  I love meeting beautiful, open, creative minds and...
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7 Feb

Venice In Velvet

Top: Ramy Brook /Backpack: Armadio / Scarf: A.M. Club / Phone case: A.M. Club x Case App   Venice, California -  famous for it's heavy scent of fresh ganja and eclectic vibe due to the extensive mix of street performers doing backflips, the "Freak Show" crew standing on the board walk, the meat heads pumping iron at Muscle Beach, and the psychics who sometimes give you free advice. (Ya get what ya pay for.)  Then you have the musicians, hipsters, skaters, rollerbladers, surfers and high AF people.     Venice definitely does not lack character and is a great place to go when you want to switch up the routine. So many cool restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, boutiques and bars - it's just lovely - especially...
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