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What and Who Is Amy Marietta?

My name is Amy Marietta and this is a visual expression of my travels, personal style, love for culture and passion for music. I aspire to inspire millions of people to live their lives to the fullest and experience as much as possible.


What do you do?


I’ve made it my mission to avoid the 9-5 job. After 4 years of hustling in New York City, I’ve established myself as a creative brand and talent consultant – coordinating strategic partnerships, creating visual content for companies and linking social influencers to the brands that fit them.  It’s really a game of connecting the dots and leveraging your network.

I founded A.M. Club which is a silk line that produces exclusive, high-quality silk pieces with a unique story. Each design has a purpose, and the pieces are crafted from the finest raw materials in the world. I am a brand ambassador for The Council For Fashion And Social Change.  CFSC is a non-profit organization that is focused on changing social impact through fashion and design activities.

CFSCAs a journalist, I have contributed to publications including Elite Daily, L’Officiel Italia, Nylon Singapore and Global Grind.

I’ve produced events, created video content and curated photos for the social media properties of major lifestyle and fashion brands including Disaronno, Dolce & Gabbana and Rescue Skin.

As a travel and lifestyle blogger I have had the opportunity of working with Jaguar, Chevrolet, Columbus Circle, Primark, Square Cash, Simon Malls, Waku Waku Festival, Gov Ball,  Uber, Freixenet, Harrods and Starwood Hotels.

And as a fashion influencer, I’ve had the opportunity of working with and being featured in major publications including Cosmopolitan, L’Officiel Italia, Glamour, GQ, Refinery 29, New York Times and Elle.


How the hell did you get here?


Follow along my daily adventures on Youtube and Instagram😉


 I’d love to connect with you – email and the internet is awesome – so email me for my media kit, rate sheet or to just say hello. I love meeting new people and surrounding myself with inspiring souls who have passion – and the world is full of you so don’t be shy. I am always open to collaborate.




Instagram/Twitter: Amy_Marietta

Youtube Channel:

Facebook PageAmyMarietta

Snapchat: @amynicole134


Current location: New York